Friday, 16 September 2011

September 13th – Buzz Off

September 13th – Buzz Off
We left the Owl Hotel and picked the new by-pass, Carl then began to struggle pronouncing the towns and villages we were traveling through and quickly road numbers were the order of the day.
Whilst chugging along nicely we were all suddenly woken by Chris and Steve telling us that they would have to do an emergency stop due to a Hungarian wasp hitchhiking in their cab. After evicting their unwanted passenger they re-joined the convoy when Steve radioed that Peter had been stung, a minutes silence was held for the wasp!
Once again, the temperature was in the later 30c causing many right arms to resembling a lobster!
We reached the Hungarian/Romanian border in plenty of time, as we rolled up to the border we found are selves behind a queue of about 60 vehicles. Steve and Youngie pulled out into the Bus lane and made their way towards the border, passing all the waiting vehicles. Youngie then went to speak to passport control hoping that the customs officer was a sympathetic local United fan leaving Steve to watch their vehicle. Steve soon realised to his surprise that he had passed the border without any problems and called the convoy through.
We all drove through ignoring the queue of trucks – saving us hours, well done Youngie & Steve!
Some of this time was then wasted by Ted and Carl who for some reason decided to pull in to the smallest petrol station in Europe.  
After purchasing our Romanian Vignettes the good roads quickly disappeared along with road signs causing a few trips around Romanian roundabouts.
Now it was time to find somewhere to stay the night and past experience told us this would not be as straight forward as the rest of Europe. Ted and Carl decided to send Ian & Steve ahead to find accommodation and after approx. 80km and the fifth hotel – we got a result and found some digs at 20 euro a room! Not the Ritz, but a bed to lay your head, though the Cement factory behind the hotel kept those awake without the ear plugs!

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