Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monday September 12 - Sat Nav Youngie Strikes Again

Monday September 12  - Sat Nav Youngie Strikes Again  
Here we are again and its off through Austria and a steady plod toward Hungary – 442 kilometres as a rough estimate according to Sat Nav Youngy – 275 miles in my book – all lined up and ready to go at 0900 having had a hearty breakfast – all healthy of course as our figures will bear testament to!
We stop after a couple of hours for a re-fuel and coffee break after a superb run without any hitches – caffeine loaded we set off into the sun and Hungary bound – all buoyant at the progress made to date and camaraderie between the ten crews that is beginning to evolve.
At the border post of Hegyshalom we stopped for luncheon – served from various tailgates and rustled up on camping stoves, makeshift dining areas and waiters!! A blast from the past for a couple of guys, using their memories of their mis-spent youth to gain access to a vehicle which had experienced a traditional union busting measure – a lockout!! Well done to Max and Paddy!!!
Would you believe this – an ex Royal Mail Sherpa 150cf van passed us (just) as we sped through Hungary – we thought they had started a Sat Nav trial on collections!! English plates too! 32.5 degrees warm today – splendid! The roads are much better this year, any problems we potentially foresaw did not materialise – the crossing of the Danube though as spectacular ever – either side of the city of Budapest – or the ancient cities of Buda and Pest!
We arrive at The Owl – some 34km beyond Budapest on the M5 – and not the A5 as the alternative leaders would have us believe as they shot off on their own! A great little venue – previously sought out and booked in advance – the infamous Stella Artois met us at 17.00 for an appetiser – what a welcome sight x 20!!
Our illustrious El Presidente’ (Ted) was none too pleased that he had to share bathing facilities with a number of other drivers – although when reminded that the title of President was an honoured one and not a real position with all the trimmings of State he was fine and duly shared his co-drivers (Carl) mosquito spray in an attempt to atone for his show of petulance!!

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