Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday 16th September - Delivery Day Two
An 8.30am start for us today for the last two deliveries of the convoy minus two of the drivers, Ted and Craig who due to a kamikaze kebab the night before, rather than sitting in a van all day had to sit close to a bathroom. Both were immensely disappointed.
Today we were delivering to two very different but both equally rewarding destinations but first of all we had to unload two dentist chairs off Chris & Alex’s vehicle.
The first home we visited was a childrens home where kids from the nearby gypsy camp live and receive schooling from Monday to Friday. A total of bespoke 80 beds, mattresses, duvets and pillows were delivered along with toys, clothes, toiletries and cleaning products after completing our delivery we went to meet the kids who were an absolute delight. It was clear that the director of the home cares deeply about all the children and we all enjoyed spending time enjoying their happy smiling faces. However, some of us having wandered around the camp where they go home to at the weekend a couple of years ago felt a tinge of sadness at the knowledge of the conditions they would be returning to tonight. Well done Chris Bennett, Steve Fishwick, Richard Tribe, Alex Pearson and Chris Keggie.
Our second destination was a home for some ninety physically and mentally disabled adults ranging in age from 30-90 years of age. Once again we received a very warm welcome from the staff and the conditions in the home were some of the best we have encountered in Bulgaria. The home was clean and well maintained and vastly improved from how it was a couple of years ago thanks to support from German charities. We delivered wheelchairs including an electric one, zimmer frames, clothes and boots for the residents.  
Well done Mandy Davis and Linda Stewart who both work for Simpson Millar ably assisted by Peter Watson who flew over to meet up with the convoy to assist with the unloading of all the wagons.   
An hour’s drive through the forested mountains took us back to the motorway for the final run back into Sofia.
This evening is traditionally a chance for everyone to let their hair down (well those who still have some) and enjoy a meal with our Bulgarian Partners ‘One Life Charity’ and ‘Lorna’s Foundation’.  Speeches thanking our partners in Bulgaria and all the people back in the UK and Ireland who helped make this convoy possible was the order of the day along with plenty of light hearted banter.

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