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15th September – Delivery Day One!

15th September – Delivery Day One!
Orphanage in Purvomai
We travelled from Sofia early on Thursday morning to a town called Purvomai where we dropped aid of at an orphanage for children aged between 7 and 18.  The orphanage held 54 children and as soon as we arrived we had a good vibe about the place. The children were all very happy and interacted with the staff very naturally.
The children slept three to a room and although basic the rooms all had their own individual touch which the children had created.  On the tour we saw lots of pictures of the children receiving medals and for sports achievements. This through the orphanage adopting a sports program for the children.  The washing machines that the An post providing two industrial washing machines bought in country, this will save a lot of time and allow the staff to spend more time with the children.
They had a craft room for the children with dress making lessons and knitting lessons.  Metodi Popov was in the process of setting up an education room to ensure the children did their homework and if it was noticed that they were struggle give additional support.
The projects he did want help were the completion of the washing room which needed tiling and flooring.  In addition he wanted the grounds landscaped for football and running training for the kids.  It cannot be unstated how successful they had been with their sports program one fourteen year old girl had come second in the 800 metres in the national championships.  In addition the kids played in basketball, football and volleyball teams within the local municipality.
After the guided tour of the orphanage and a wonderful meal that they had provided we interacted with the kids and they could not have been more natural the hugged they and laughed with the staff.
It was the first time the orphanage had received aid and what the staff had achieved with so little was an inspiration to all of us.  We left feeling happy to have delivered our aid but even more happy that we were leaving the children in safe hands with such an amazing group of people.
Steve Albon – Peter Sharrocks – Steve Perry – Derclan O’Mara
Home for Children in Sladuk Kladenec
We arrived at our destination not sure what to expect we both had previous experience on convoy so it was wonderful to see the reaction the children and staff on our arrival they made us most welcome. To help such beautiful children is a pleasure. The smiling faces showed it was clear they were well looked after and very attached to the staff whose kindness was evident.
The new beds and lockers organised funded by CWU Ireland and CWUHA had arrived and were set up in brightly painted dorms, just before our departure it was great to see the kids hugging toys and riding around the yard on the bicycles we had supplied, with such delight.
Pat and Rory AKA Podge and Rodge
Steve and Ian AKA Red Barons

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