Wednesday, 13 July 2011

2011 September Mission to Bulgaria

We are once again working with One Life Charity ( and Lora’s Foundation ( who will facilitate the convoy once in-country. Both these organisations have the same passion, drive and determination as CWUHA to alleviate the suffering of children. After a very successful convoy to Bulgaria early this year the trustees have decided to return to Bulgaria to continue our work in this country. Working with our in-country partners we have identified more hospitals, schools, orphanages and homes for children with mental and physical disabilities in desperate need of our help.
The directors and staff in these homes work tirelessly to give the children the love, care and attention they deserve but with limited resources they face an up-hill struggle.
In 2008/09 through our efforts and that of our partners we were able to raise the profile via Bulgarian national TV and radio the plight of the ‘Forgotten Children of Bulgaria’ TV crews followed convoy drivers to the centres they were delivering aid to. This meant many Bulgarians were seeing for the first-time on TV the harrowing images of life in Bulgarian orphanages/institutions. This resulted in pressure being applied on the government to begin closing the bigger institutions. Though this is very positive it will take many years for these institutions to be closed down and with all governments, pressure needs to be continually applied. In the meantime the plight of these children can’t be ignored.
This September we will be delivering to two homes that care for nearly 200 children with physical and mental disabilities, two homes that care for over 100 3-7 year olds, a children’s hospital, two orphanages that cares for nearly 200 kids and a home that cares for adults with physical and mental disabilities, many of them bedridden. We aim to change that by delivering wheelchairs and walking frames.
Please take a look at the needs list and if you can help, please get in touch by emailing Carl Webb E:

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